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Carrying along fake wings...

are these lips you kissed

Fanfiction recommendations
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Fanfiction recs
my most important person

This is going to be a community with a collection of my favorite stories/authors and other stuff I'd like to recommend:
+ Fandoms
+ Memories
+ Tags

Things to know:
  • All entries are tagged, just so no one can get lost.
  • All fanfiction/stories entries are in my memories just in case you find tags annoying.
  • Feel free to roam through everything
  • If too many people are trying to access to this community, don't be surprised when I start wondering whom everyone is. <-- :DDD I'd like to meet you all.
  • I've a lot of recs listed, but they're not yet categorized yet so please be patient. I'll get this community on the road. *fist punch*
  • Thank you for reading~!
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