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15 August 2012 @ 02:43 am
Fandom: One Piece  
Fandom: One Piece

Failure all round by popkin16
Sanji tries to seduce Zoro, with no forthcoming result. (Sanji -- > oblivious!Zoro, crack)

All the Colours of the Rainbow by sakurazuka_jae
Sanji walks in on Zoro and the secret to end all secrets. (crack, Zoro, Sanji)

Anniversary by chibi_trillian
Sanji pages through old recipes and memories on the tenth anniversary of being taken in by Zeff. (gen, Sanji)

Merrytron by Monimonika
faintly implied Zoro/Sanji, for the opy100 topic “Crack!AU” (Power Rangers!One Piece, crack)

Sleep Tight by Anonymous
Requested on the OP_fanforall thread that Luffy gets the idea that he should tuck in (or attempt to) all of crewmembers before they go to sleep. (gen, nakama, fluff)

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