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14 August 2012 @ 12:12 am
Fandom: One Piece  
Fandom: One Piece

Any One Piece fic (at peroxide_fic) by peroxidepest17  which is mostly Zoro/Sanji-focus.

Anything by maldoror_gw, who is prolific in the GW, Naruto and OP fandom. She also writes crack!Zoro/Sanji fics that don't read as OoC.

Also xparrot at delicious and Sherry Marie.

Sanji: Prince of Kiot -- oroz/sinisterbug
[Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Part 1|2, 6, 7 Part 1|2, 8 Part 1|2, 9 Part 1|2, 10 Part 1|2, 11 Part 1|2 ]
In which Sanji, the youngest prince of Kiot, is gifted to the Decius King Zoro to be part of his harem in order to keep the prince safe and protected during times of political unrest within the Kiot monarch. [AU, Zoro/Sanji, Zoro/OC, Zoro/various, Harem, OCs, NC-17, incomplete]

Reading the Strawhats by callosum
Robin's thoughts on books, her relationship with books, her nakama's relationship with books, and her relationship with her nakama.  Takes place after Water 7/Enies Lobby, and before Thriller Bark. One-shot character introspective. [Gen, Robin, Luffy]

Thirty Tales of a Swordsman » by Velkyn Karma 
A collection of 30 fics featuring Zoro for the 30 onepiece LJ community challenge. Fics range from K-T and angst to comedy, and may guest star other characters as well. Nakamaship only, no pairings. Complete. (Zoro, gen)