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01 August 2012 @ 11:41 pm
Fandom: Inuyasha, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, Death note and Saint Seiya  

Fandom: Inuyasaha

Anything by forthright in the Inuyasha fandom. For example "The kissing bandit" (Miroku/Sango), "Froth" (Miroku/Sango) and "Unexpected" (Inuyasha/Kagome).

Fandom: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

A Portrait of the Artist with a Young Man by crossinthenight

[semi-AU] Veteran shoujo manga editor Kisa Shouta's assigned to help newbie mangaka Yukina Kou launch his career as he debuts in Emerald, but the assignment--and Yukina's enthusiasm and infectious personality--may be more than he can handle.

From the Ground Up by crossinthenight

Collection of loosely-termed drabbles touching on different points in the relationship between Yokozawa Takafumi and Kirishima Zen as well as fleshing out their little family.

Fine, all right, anything from crossinthenight. I've tried out many of her Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi fanfics and they were all amazing, well thought out and very true to canon.

Being Domestic For The Broken-Hearted by MissMysty

Fifty sentences about Yokozawa Takafumi and Kirishima Zen.

Fandom: Death note

Will you meet me in the middle, will you meet me in the end by ruriruri
fifty sentences for Death Note (mostly gen)

Curtain call by feast
Light playing God, spoilers to L's death. (gen, tragedy)

Untitled by officialbizness
Light discovers L's secret. (gen, humor)

DN 20 themes by fireydragon97
20 themes about L and Light together. (L/Light, R, humor)

Untitled by stereonights
the morning after Light's frat party. (mild L/Light)

Fandom: Saint Seiya

With the recent popularity of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas and Saint Seiya Omega, I went back to the Saint Seiya fandom to look up those fics I used to love. To my horror, the English fandom is so small I can actually count on one hand which are my favorites.

Luckily I remember having read some amazing fics of Animom/Silverr in both the YGO and St. Seiya fandoms. <3 She is one amazing veteran fanfiction writer. Her characterization of Mu was so well done I was immediately taken with her stories. I also loved the fact that she wrote an amazing Dohko/Shion piece that doesn't really touch Lost Canvas, but was pretty up to canon-standards in my opinion. Anything written by her is pure gold!

Choices by tsurupettayoujo (Saint Seiya Omega)
Shiryu muses on the possibility of sending Ryuhou to Palaestra. Shunrei is not amused. (family, gen)

This is one lovely family fic which I really can see happening in Saint Seiya Omega. Actually, do try out her other fics. They look really good.

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