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04 April 2012 @ 12:00 am
Fandom: BBC!Sherlock Recs  
The previous post was less descriptive than most fanfic recs. So I'm adding a few quick favorites with reasons why I like the following list. Personally I went through this fandom blindly. In other words, I hadn't watched the first episode before jumping into the fandom. ^^; That's mostly the case with my interests bouncing back and forth in all kinds of fandoms without actually seeing/reading the canon (like for example my Weiss Kreuz interest) until I start actively look for them. 

For more detailed fanfic recs focusing around Sherlock/John, check out 221b_recs. There are lots of amazing fics to delve through so a rec journal is a must to go through at first. [I'm really surprised how many quality fics the shkinkmeme had produced since its launch and well, it's worth going through so many pages just to read a good/great fic.]

I first start out reading TV Tropes fanfic recs and here are a few favorites I'd found through my search :

A Study in Magic » by Book of Changes [on-going]
When Professor McGonagall went to visit Harry Watson, son of Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, to deliver his Hogwarts letter, she certainly wasn't expecting to find the cause behind Harry Potter's disappearance. BBC Sherlock HP crossover AU

Every possible fandom has at least one crossover fic with the Harry Potter fandom and Sherlock is no exception. Usually, I avoid crossovers since they're usually too OoC for me, but this one fascinated me a lot. The moment I began with this I just couldn't stop. The information between the HP and Sherlock fandom blended well, though I personally thought more Sherlock would have been even more amazing. *_* (mild Sherlock/fem!John)

But Who IS He? » by Fool Who Follows [complete]
Lestrade and co. get to know John a bit better. Gen, set shortly after ASIP

THIS! I love this fic because it's focused on the perspectives on the New Scotland Yard's members as they meet John Watson for the first time. I absolutely adore third person perspectives and this fic did not disappoint as each member (Lestrade, Sally and Anderson) start to realize who Sherlock's new flatmate is. (Friendship/gen fic)

Performance in a Leading Role » by MadLori [complete]
AU. Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winning actor in a career slump, John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in date movies. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new film, will they surprise each other? Will their on-screen romance become reality?

I think every fandom has at least one fic in which the characters are in the movie business and this fic actually is at the top of my list that takes place in the entertainment business. Why? It's because in comparison with all the others I've read so far, this story is by far the most informative/insightful story that discusses about the film-making business from the film jargons to the paparazzi and cameos of RL people. Despite that, it's not an Real People Fic. The story focuses on two actors on different sides of the acting spectrum. Instead of Sherlock using his deduction skills to solve crimes/mysteries, he uses to observe his fellow actors/actresses and the rest of the entertainment business. John used to be a soldier, who ended in the romantic/comedy movie business after his service (which I find so amusing). And with the chance to make it big again before the Oscars, they were cast as a couple in a gay new film. Considering my babbling, its easy to conclude how much I love this story! So go read read read! (Sherlock/John, NC-17)

 The Sheet » by junejuly15 [complete]

The infamous scene with The Sheet in Buckingham Palace, from the sheet's POV. Humour/ Romance, because some of the garments are madly in love with Sherlock. The Scarf, John's Jumper and Jacket, the Purple Shirt and others add their POV as well. Complete!

Yeah, what the summary says. Inanimate objects are romancing about Sherlock [some of them are closet Sherlock/John fans] in one or another way. Pure crack, I know, but it was worth reading this to relieve tension and RL issues. (Sherlock/John, R, inanimate objects/Sherlock)

Paved with love » by KeelieThompson1 [complete, sequel "Rocks of Salvation"]
Five year old Ava Watson's life is changed forever when her Daddy's old friend comes calling. S/J slash

This takes place after 2x03 "The Reichenbach Fall". Spoilery for those who haven't watched it, that includes myself since I've yet to get my hands on the second season. But not really too spoilery. Anyway, the fic is told from the perspective of an OC, Ava, John's daughter. I usually avoid stories in which an OC is the main character, but sometimes there are just gems hidden in those fics. This one made me go "awwww" all the way because the writing is told from a five year old, which is so adorable. And then oh gosh the climax later on and then the ending! I just couldn't stop reading this fic and decided to follow the sequel of this fic "Rocks of Salvation" told from Sherlock's POV. (Sherlock/John, OC).

-   A Study in Blue » by TheShoelessOne [complete]
On 1st January, 1920, John Watson meets Sherlock Holmes. Jazz Age AU, eventual John/Sherlock.

This is a re-telling of Sherlock and John's first meeting, which takes place in the Jazz age as mentioned in the summary. What fascinates me is the amount of Jazzy pr0n we get. LOL. No, it's a deceptive to think it's sex because no, the fic has no sex mentioned whatsoever because the situation in which these two characters were placed took place at a time in which homosexuals were frowned upon and prosecuted without a second thought. Still, the language this author had used was fascinating to experience (eventual Sherlock/John).

to be continued... (lol)

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