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03 May 2012 @ 01:12 am
Hi, everyone!

Here are some archive notes detailing how to look through this rec list.

In the beginning I tried to be as detailed as I can be by tagging my stuff and placing them in memories but at some point I forgot my system. -_____- The only tag that I remember is the fandom tag. So for now, the fandom tag is the easiest to access to the recs.
21 July 2014 @ 01:36 am
New recs can be found at tumblr:

29 August 2012 @ 11:55 pm
New fandom ftw! XD Overall it's mostly AU and focused on Steve/Danny.

Hawaii Five-0Collapse )

Fandom: One Piece

Smells like Home by Icka M Chif (mischif)

Post Drum Island-Arc.
Chopper likes everyone in his new herd. Although he's not quite so sure about Zoro, who smells like metal and blood. (gen, Chopper-centric, focused on Zoro, nakama)
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15 August 2012 @ 02:43 am
Fandom: One Piece

Failure all round by popkin16
Sanji tries to seduce Zoro, with no forthcoming result. (Sanji -- > oblivious!Zoro, crack)

All the Colours of the Rainbow by sakurazuka_jae
Sanji walks in on Zoro and the secret to end all secrets. (crack, Zoro, Sanji)

Anniversary by chibi_trillian
Sanji pages through old recipes and memories on the tenth anniversary of being taken in by Zeff. (gen, Sanji)

Merrytron by Monimonika
faintly implied Zoro/Sanji, for the opy100 topic “Crack!AU” (Power Rangers!One Piece, crack)

Sleep Tight by Anonymous
Requested on the OP_fanforall thread that Luffy gets the idea that he should tuck in (or attempt to) all of crewmembers before they go to sleep. (gen, nakama, fluff)

Check this rec list for more other awesome ficlets.
14 August 2012 @ 12:12 am
Fandom: One Piece

Any One Piece fic (at peroxide_fic) by peroxidepest17  which is mostly Zoro/Sanji-focus.

Anything by maldoror_gw, who is prolific in the GW, Naruto and OP fandom. She also writes crack!Zoro/Sanji fics that don't read as OoC.

Also xparrot at delicious and Sherry Marie.

Sanji: Prince of Kiot -- oroz/sinisterbug
[Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Part 1|2, 6, 7 Part 1|2, 8 Part 1|2, 9 Part 1|2, 10 Part 1|2, 11 Part 1|2 ]
In which Sanji, the youngest prince of Kiot, is gifted to the Decius King Zoro to be part of his harem in order to keep the prince safe and protected during times of political unrest within the Kiot monarch. [AU, Zoro/Sanji, Zoro/OC, Zoro/various, Harem, OCs, NC-17, incomplete]

Reading the Strawhats by callosum
Robin's thoughts on books, her relationship with books, her nakama's relationship with books, and her relationship with her nakama.  Takes place after Water 7/Enies Lobby, and before Thriller Bark. One-shot character introspective. [Gen, Robin, Luffy]

Thirty Tales of a Swordsman » by Velkyn Karma 
A collection of 30 fics featuring Zoro for the 30 onepiece LJ community challenge. Fics range from K-T and angst to comedy, and may guest star other characters as well. Nakamaship only, no pairings. Complete. (Zoro, gen)
07 August 2012 @ 04:09 am
Memories by StarkBlack

AU Zoro/Sanji Sanji was in an accident and has lost his memory. Now Zoro takes the painful steps of helping Sanji take back his life. Will the swordsman win back his love? Or is he doomed to be just a friend forever? WARNINGS: Yaoi, language, severe angst. (NC-17, Zoro/Sanji, AU, Ace/Vivi, Luffy/Nami, Franky/Robin, Chopper/Usopp/Kaya... major angst)

*takes a deep breath* I F*CK*NG LOVE THIS FIC. It has everything I love in it, from romance, IC dialogue, angst, action, plot twists, mystery and AU to make it work, EVERYTHING! OMG I WANT TO HUG THIS FIC SO MUCH. There is a reason why this fic is rec'ed because this fic has it all. The action scenes were all well-executed, you can practically imagine how they fought like in the anime. The dialogues are smart and pretty true to their characterization/personalities. The major angsting start out as almost a flood and then full blown tsunami thing before it involved almost everyone in the fic in some way. The lemon scenes are well done too, very slow and romantic and less purple prose-y and all the way sexy. I also love the fact that there's mystery plot involved and omg Chopper wai are u so cute/cuddly? Do check out the author's profile to get the whole Memories and related series arc. And Zoro and Sanji are the best. There's no top or bottom or man or woman in their relationship. They're equals. Sanji had trouble trying to understand the concept but still he came out without much bruising or scratches. I'm so glad the fic didn't focus on the typical yaoi-like terms of seme or uke in a relationship because that is sometimes very tiring to read and might mar the awesomeness of this fic. If you're a fan of this pairing and AU, this fic is worth a try. Hopefully, the author would post the fic somewhere too as a mirror, in case something happens... .


InuyashaCollapse )

Sekai-ichi HatsukoiCollapse )

DeathnoteCollapse )

Fandom: Saint Seiya

With the recent popularity of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas and Saint Seiya Omega, I went back to the Saint Seiya fandom to look up those fics I used to love. To my horror, the English fandom is so small I can actually count on one hand which are my favorites.

Luckily I remember having read some amazing fics of Animom/Silverr in both the YGO and St. Seiya fandoms. <3 She is one amazing veteran fanfiction writer. Her characterization of Mu was so well done I was immediately taken with her stories. I also loved the fact that she wrote an amazing Dohko/Shion piece that doesn't really touch Lost Canvas, but was pretty up to canon-standards in my opinion. Anything written by her is pure gold!

Choices by tsurupettayoujo (Saint Seiya Omega)
Shiryu muses on the possibility of sending Ryuhou to Palaestra. Shunrei is not amused. (family, gen)

This is one lovely family fic which I really can see happening in Saint Seiya Omega. Actually, do try out her other fics. They look really good.

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18 July 2012 @ 12:05 am
I've recently been obsessing over a very small fandom called "Kuroko no Basket". Finding fanfic recs in this small fandom is so obscure, it's best just look/admire the fanarts for inspiration instead. XD

Kuroko no BasketCollapse )

FullMetal Alchemist and Death NoteCollapse )
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28 June 2012 @ 11:37 pm
At times, I also enjoy a good hetero fic. So here are a few I've recently finished and liked.

NarutoCollapse )

Legend of KorraCollapse )